So why should I listen to you? You’re not even a professional?

Wow, that’s a loaded question that I totally did not come up with. I can tell you that I’m not a “professional” reviewer, I’m a gamer, I enjoy games, I play games for fun (and usually slightly old ones), and I like to review them.  I try to use an informal voice more casual in nature as if I was telling my friends what I thought of a game than trying to sell people on games.

At the same time, I’m NOT a professional reviewer in that I haven’t accepted money for my reviews. I review games and give them scores I feel they earn. I have not been asked to change my score (yet?) and I wouldn’t unless there’s a valid concern or some reason for it. I use the entire range of scores as well.

I also don’t accept advertising money, I make money outside of this site, and this site is for my own enjoyment. I like playing, reviewing, and discussing games.

Wait you don’t have ads?

That is correct, and I don’t ever see me trying to make money off of the site. In fact, I also feel awkward about getting games for free. I will accept them, but I’ll clearly state when it does happen, and through what channels.  I’ll also always give you my full opinion on the game.

I strive to be able to give my own opinion without any external pressures on me, and I aim to try to eliminate (or announce) any possible bias I may have in a game.

Bias? But you’re a game developer! You’re totally biased!

I won’t say everyone is biased. Wait, that’s a lie. Everyone is biased. If you like a game, you might be easier on its sequel and I accept that bias. At the same time, Kinglink Reviews is not related to my job in any way. I’ve considered this a lot and I have not reviewed a game that is in direct competition with the ones I work on currently. That won’t change unless I feel I can be impartial at least in regard to my work (I’m still a gamer, I still have likes and dislikes).

But it’s important for me as a person to be impartial in my reviews. I want to give honest reviews.

In the past, I have reviewed games that I may have some bias on, such as Agents of Mayhem and the original Red Faction and I stated both clearly in my reviews. If I know someone on the team or am friends with someone on the team that I know about, I’ll add a similar disclaimer.

But you’re totally biased, here’s some proof…

It’s up to you to decide if I’m biased and if it matters. I think I’m an honest person and am not allowing that bias to affect my reviews. If you don’t like my reviews, I hope there’s someone out there you do enjoy.

What’s with this review style?  It’s inconsistent.

One thing I wanted to avoid in my reviews is to avoid being a hype machine. I probably fail this but when I am “hyping” a game, it’s usually because I am excited about it or like it enough I would tell my friends to play it.

I talk about what’s important to me during a game. If I like the graphics such as in Cuphead I’m going to talk about it. If I didn’t like graphics I might bring them up. If I didn’t mention the graphics it’s because I don’t feel obligated to.

In addition, I try to bring an understanding of the game to the reader, but I’m not here to tell you every mechanic or every gameplay element. There’s video and other sites for that. I’m here to tell you if I enjoyed or disliked the game and what resonated with me, or what others might find interesting.

What about your scores?

I have a page explaining my scoring system right here.

But I disagree with you.

I’m ok with that. Tell me in the comments why and maybe I’ll discuss the matter with you or maybe someone else will. I have opinions, that’s why I’m here. You have opinions too, so let’s share them.

I think you’re wrong and I have proof.

Same as above tell me why and again maybe I’ll answer (I will not guarantee) I’m not infallible for sure. But just remember “Wrong” is saying the sky is purple. “Wrong” is not saying “it feels warm” because maybe it might feel cold to you, but our reaction to it may be different.

I want to support you but you don’t have ads.

Well first off, thanks, if you want to support me, reading my reviews on this site is appreciated. You can follow me on my youtube channel, and my Steam Curator page as well as marking my reviews as helpful on Steam and both of these will push me to do more.

You can also subscribe to get emailed from me on the sidebar.  I will never use that email for anything other than giving you email updates on my reviews and any thing else I’ll post.

I’ve set up a youtube account to post first looks, last looks, and reviews of the game for people who want a look at the game. Liking and subscribing to the channel means a lot to me.

I have an OpenCritic page as well that means a lot to me.  In addition, check out Opencritic itself.  The fact they allowed me on their aggregation site means a lot to me, and it feels like it’s a major step for recognition.

You can also support me by sharing my reviews with other people.

I want to contact you for some reason.

There’s a contact form on this site, I have a steam account that I’ve provided (Kinglink) that I’m on often. You can email me directly at kinglink at kinglink-reviews.com or kinglink at gmail dot com and of course if it’s about a specific review, you can always leave a comment on this site.