Who is Kinglink?

Hello, welcome to Kinglink-Reviews.  I’m known as Kinglink and this is my review site.

I’m a guy who’s been a gamer for over 30 years, from the Atari era to modern games.  I’ve played entirely too many of them as a kid, at least if you asked my parents. However, it was my passion.

That passion evolved and I became a video game programmer. I’ve worked on a number of games, including but not limited to Saints Row 2, Red Faction Guerilla, and Carnival Island. I’ve experienced making games and, hopefully, that will at least give me some insight into why certain choices were made for them.

If you’re interested in my opinion on games, this is the site to come to. You can also see my Steam Curator page and my youtube channel that I use infrequently at

In addition, my gaming accounts are as follows

PSN: Kinglink

Steam: Kinglink

Xbox: Kinglink2