Review Score Guide

I’ve tried to make my review score as simple as possible.

1 star – I dislike the game a lot. There is probably something wrong with me or the game. This is a game that has to have done something I can’t forgive or understand.  Avoid games that get 1 star.

2 stars – There’s more bad than good in the game. Something bothered me and hopefully, my review will explain it more in-depth, but this is a game I also would likely not recommend.

3 stars – There’s more good than bad. This is a game I recommend, but it’s borderline, there’s usually something that bothered me or kept me from being excited about it.  Maybe there was too much filler, maybe it just was a ok experience.  I wouldn’t go out and promote the game, but I do recommend this if asked.  If you skip a three, you probably aren’t going to miss much but it should be fun for a while

4 stars – This is a great game. It is a solid and enjoyable experience, which might have drawbacks but they don’t harm the experience very much.  A 4 should be considered a heavy recommendation for people who like the genre.  It’s deserves a second look or at least a demo if there is one.

5 stars – This is the “perfect game.” And while no game is perfect, this is considered a shining example of why I’m a gamer. If you like games, check this game out even if it’s not the genre you like.  I will attempt to keep this very exclusive.  Even one of my favorite games (Bayonetta) didn’t earn this award.

In case you wonder how to map the star level onto grades and such, 1 star is not the lowest.  There is a hypothetical 0 star review.  I pray I never have to unleash it.

There are also half scores as needed. This is just my first look at a scoring system and subject to change, however I will update this page as necessary.