Game Pass December 2022 Review – Looking at the end of the year’s offerings

I’m Kinglink and once more into the breach… this is the December 2022 Game Pass Review. 

As always, I take a look at everything that came out over the past month.  We have sixteen titles this month, and that’s a good amount.  There’s been some major releases, exciting additions, and a couple of great games.   Since this series is focused on PC, that means we won’t be talking about Norco or Metal: Hellsinger but I have reviewed previously and console fans should check out Metal: Hellsinger, it’s a great musical FPS. 

The rules are the same as always, a single night with each game, playing as much as I want and seeing how they are.  The truth is this month I think the average time played was between two and three hours. I just wasn’t feeling as many of the games as in the past, but there still are some that I’m itching to get back to. 

With that said, let’s start talking about the entries. 

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Humble Choice December 2022 Review – Ending year with solid stories

I’m Kinglink and it’s December, which means it’s time for the final Humble Choice … of 2022. This is the Humble Choice December 2022 Review.

As always we have 8 titles, this month having two major ones to start that I’m thrilled to talk about, and there’s a lot of strong storytelling here, so stay tuned for that. I’ve played each game for an hour on Twitch and now can tell you what I’ve found. 

Let’s just get to it. 

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Game Pass November 2022 Review – 17 Hits and Misses

I’m Kinglink and it’s almost turkey day here in America, so it’s time for the Game Pass November 2022 Review.  

This one is a bit late but, as you’ll see in the lists of games, I wanted to cover Pentiment and that came out on the 15th.  The good news is I have that and many others, so we talk about all of these titles, and even give a hint of what’s coming up, but that’s for later. 

Normally I play only the PC games, but give me a moment here, and let me call out Vampire Survivors, I’ve covered it previously on the series, and I remember I said you should buy it even if it’s on Game Pass.  It’s 5 dollars on Xbox and I still believe that it’s worth it.  It’s a lot of fun, so console gamers, you have the chance, check that game out, I will guarantee you’ll enjoy it, and good luck hunting me down if you don’t. 

This month I haven’t played all of these games as much.  While I do sit down with these titles for a night, quite a few of them are games I’ve played previously, or stopped for various reasons, we’ll get into the why when applicable, but I have had some great experiences, let’s start with what’s on the screen, perhaps the biggest release of the month. 

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Game Pass October 2022 Review – Impressive games and an important update

I’m Kinglink and it’s the middle of October so it’s time for the Game Pass October 2022 review.

I’m back once again with 16 titles new to Game Pass with a focus on PC.  I’ve spent a night, about three to four hours on almost every game and now am ready to talk about it, what’s good, what’s bad, and who will like each title. 

I am putting this video out before Plague Tale Requiem, and I really want to cover that game, but then this video would come out later than I wanted.  Don’t worry I’ll get it next month, and I have a good feeling that it’ll be another high-quality title. 

I do have some news for the channel and this series, but I’m going to save that for the end so we can focus on what’s important here.  

We’re going to start with a familiar title for this channel.   It’s a game I already have talked about this month, so let’s roll back time and go over it once more. 

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Humble Choice October 2022 Review – The Best Bundle of the year?

I’m Kinglink and it’s the beginning of October, so it’s time for the Humble Choice October 2022 Review. 

As always there are 8 games to play, and I’ve played each game for an hour on stream, and now I can tell you who will like each title and which games are worth checking out.  This being the month of Halloween perhaps we’ll have a little horror, very little. 

This month was an instant purchase for me.  I’ll talk more about why at the end but the headliner is pretty major, speaking of which let’s just get into the games, with the one already on screen being where we start.  Take it away. 

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Game Pass September 2022 Review – 27 new games to check out

I’m Kinglink and it’s the middle of September, which means it’s time for another look at Game Pass and what’s come out over the last month. 

This is the video where I review each new game on Game Pass. I’ve played each title for a night, a few for a couple, and even bought a couple to support the devs. Now I can tell you what I like, and what games you should check out. 

But there are a lot of games listed here, normally we get a list every two weeks. This month Microsoft blessed us, or in my case cursed me. Quakecon 2022 happened and more legacy Bethesda games came out, and then I was wrapping up this review and the Tokyo Game Show happened, and sure enough, another 4 games were added to this list on Friday…. Way to ruin my weekend Microsoft. There is another surprise release, with the name of Death Stranding.

That being said, every game listed will be covered, except for Quake Champions as that’s just a perk for a sort of free-to-play game, and Despot’s Game which has been delayed to the end of this month, I’ll almost certainly talk about that next time. 

After last month’s weak lineup we’ve been given a ton of new games across a lot of genres, there’s probably something for everyone here, so let’s get into the list.

Starting with

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Humble Choice September 2022 Review – A Strong Lineup.

I’m Kinglink and it’s September 2022, which means of course it’s the Humble Choice September 2022 Review 

This month, I feel like I’m seeing double, I’ve reviewed half of these games previously but like always I give them another shot and will tell you which games are worth playing and which games you might want to skip. The good news is there are some hot titles here, the bad news, a few of these are a bit niche, even if they are good. 

I’ve played each title for an hour to remember what these games were like and figure out the positives, the negatives, and the target audience, and now I’m here to report what I’ve found and how the bundle is. 

But before we talk about that, let’s dive into some games. Let’s start with….

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What’s “new” on Game Pass August 2022 – Can I really call these new?

I’m Kinglink and it’s time to talk about What’s New on Game Pass for August 2022. 

I’ll talk about the name change at the end but don’t worry this is still the same coverage you have come to love. 

If you’re new, I cover the PC version of Gamepass which is everything you see in these images except for Torment: Tides of Elysium, but I will say that’s a fantastic RPG with a text-heavy design. I think Disco Elysium does that style of the game better, but that’s not to say Torment isn’t worth checking out as well. 

Oh, I guess I’m going to cover all of them. I’ve played every game this month for a night, whatever that means, and now I’ll tell you how they play, who will like them, and if you should check them out. Let’s get started with this game on the screen. 

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Thoughts on a studio closure – Zachtronics and their legacy

I’m Kinglink.  Let’s take a break. My channel for the last year has been Game Pass reviews, and Humble Choice reviews, and I’m not planning a major change, but something happened.  About a month ago I saw an article that shook me.  I’m not going to drag it out, it’s probably in the title and on screen, Zachtronics is shutting down. 

Zachtronics is probably not well known as a studio, but it’s a game studio I love, perhaps more than any other, and that includes RGG, who makes the Yakuza games.  Zachtronics is the studio that makes me feel seen, it’s a studio that makes games specifically for me, and while there are other games that I might be in the minority opinion on like Lawn Mowing Simulator, Zachtronics is just different. 

So with their closing, I figured I would try to eulogize them, similar to Kongregate, which is still running so eulogies are a relative term, but I’m not sure I can.  I could make this a long dive into who they are, but instead, I’d rather spend the time telling you about Zachtronics and getting you to check out their games.  

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Humble Choice August 2022 Review -A major month with two popular requests

I’m Kinglink and it’s time for the Humble Choice August 2022 Review. Which is also my birthday month. 

Once again we have eight titles to go through and I played all eight for an hour on stream, even crazier I played all eight in a single day as well, which was quite an experience.   Now I’m ready to tell you which ones you should check out and who is going to enjoy them.  

I’ve actually covered half of these titles previously, but I am giving them a second look to see if my opinions have changed.  Let’s get to the games.  Starting with… 

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