Let’s talk about “Should you go to E3?” and Game of the show at E3 2019

This is a script for a youtube video I have created about going to E3, I also have daily recaps for each of my days at E3 if you are more interested in that. Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Hello once again. I’m Kinglink and I’m here to answer two questions. The one that I keep hearing is “Should I go to E3?” The other question is “What is your favorite game?” So yeah, we’ll tackle both of those as I talk about E3 and crown the game of the show.

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E3 2019 Day 1 Recap – Doom Eternal, Sniper Elite VR, Judgment, Dragon Quest Builders 2

This is a script for my youtube video, available below.

Hello, I’m Kinglink and I’m back from my first day of E3 2019.


E3 has been crazy, I’ve dived in head first, and got to see quite a few things on day one, as well as set up a few things for the future. But the good news is my day was packed. Just to give you an idea of how I view these games, I won’t try to be harsh on games. Almost everything here is very early, alpha, pre-alpha and more. So I’ll talk about some complaints but really, this is a hype event, and let’s give companies the benefit of the doubt when possible.

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E3 2018: Day Two

So Day 2 arrived, instead of an 11 o’clock start time, it was now a 9:00 start time. That’s two fewer hours of potential sleep. Yet there I was at 8:40 ready to tackle the second day. I knew I had to do either Nintendo’s booth first or Kingdom Hearts 3. I chose Nintendo’s and […]

E3 2018: Day One

So on Tuesday, I mentioned I was going to E3, and I posted a number of tweets about the games I saw, but I figured 280 characters weren’t enough to talk about some games, and I would collect some opinions in a post. When everyone was lining up, I looked around and noticed a face […]