Humble Choice August 2022 Review -A major month with two popular requests

I’m Kinglink and it’s time for the Humble Choice August 2022 Review. Which is also my birthday month. 

Once again we have eight titles to go through and I played all eight for an hour on stream, even crazier I played all eight in a single day as well, which was quite an experience.   Now I’m ready to tell you which ones you should check out and who is going to enjoy them.  

I’ve actually covered half of these titles previously, but I am giving them a second look to see if my opinions have changed.  Let’s get to the games.  Starting with… 

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Xbox Game Pass August 2021 Reviews – We begin with a strong month

I’m Kinglink and it’s time for the Xbox Game Pass August 2021 Review. 

This is something new on my channel, if you’re already familiar with my work, you know I review the Humble Choice the first week of every month and talk about who might enjoy which games and if it’s worth picking up.

Xbox Game Pass is a bit different, it’s a subscription service where players can play any game on it and games get released throughout the month.  I’ll do my best to cover the major releases as well as a variety of other games.  My channel is focused on the PC platform, so that’s the platform of choice here.  

For these videos, I’ll be doing short reviews for each title, and I’ll talk about the most notable and unique games that I have found.  These aren’t intended to be full reviews, however, unlike the Humble Choice and its time constraint, I’ll continue playing beyond the first hour for these titles when possible. 

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