Nex Machina Quick Look Review

Played on Windows
Also Available on PlayStation 4



Final Thoughts: While it’s an enjoyable experience for a short time, it doesn’t really have the staying power to make the player play more than a few rounds at the same. It’s a good game but missing something.

Canabalt Quick Look Review

Played on Windows.
Available on Kongregate, Android, macOS


Final Thoughts: One of the original infinite runners and done incredibly well, simple controls and a lot of gameplay.   Definitely an exciting minimalist game.  Original game is available on Kongregate.

Jydge Quick Look Review

Played on Windows
Also Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Linux, macOS


Final Thoughts: A rather solid top down shooter, ruined by required repetition in the progression system.  Still a lot of fun, and I enjoyed what I played, I just wish it was my choice to replay it as much as I did.

Snuggle Truck Quick Look Review

Played on Windows
Also available on Linux, macOs, Android, iOS

Trying something a bit different today,  here’s a quick look at Snuggle Truck



Final Thoughts: While it has simple controls, there’s no real desire to continue playing onwards with Snuggle Truck.  You have a truck you drive over rough terrain. If you want to try it, it’s free on mobile.