Update: E3 and status of the site.

Today there is no review.  Don’t freak out, this isn’t anything that bad.  The main reason is I don’t only post my reviews here I also post them on Steam, add my curation links, post on Twitter, and eventually post on Reddit.

Today, I’m not able to do this, and it’s for a good reason.  I’m at E3, I’m not able to do all those steps and look at the post to make sure I didn’t mess something up, so I’m not posting a review today.  I do have one in the bag, though I want to work on it a little more (there’s a video component with it, that needs to be rerecorded).  This means I probably won’t have a new review until Friday.

I will be talking about E3, but I don’t know if I’ll spend the time to write a full article up, or have that time.  If not, check the sidebar, there’s a twitter feed, I will update that at the show.  I would recommend anyone interested to follow @kinglinkreviews if you want to stay up to date.

Now as to the status of the site, since starting this site I’ve posted a review every two days.  The only time I missed that was when I posted two reviews on the same day and skipped the next scheduled review.  I did this to prove to myself this is important, and I’m able to do it.  The fact is I am able but I feel the quality is important and I want to make sure to give you the best reviews I can.  I fully am committed to the site, however, the post schedule is aggressive and it means my play schedule has to be aggressive as well.

I intend to keep up with everything but with the addition of recording videos for my reviews, I need to reconsider a few things.  It means I might have to less often, but I’ll be creating more informative content.  I’ve thought about doing Monday and Thursday reviews or something like that, but in reality, I think I can continue posting a review every couple days, though sometimes I might take longer.  This allows me to play longer games and get more time to edit a review if I feel it needs it.  I have a ton of content ready to go, including Lego Batman 3, and I Am Bread and I’m working on reviews of two more games as I write this.  However with E3, there’s a disruption and if anyone is counting on a review every two days, please understand sometimes it’ll take longer.    If you want to see what’s coming up, check out Kinglink Reviews on Youtube.  That’s me and I’ll be putting out first looks when I start games.

As always I’m here to give you an honest look at games, and I want to tackle a few very long games, and those will take time.  However, I might bring a few reviews I already wrote on Steam and improve them as well.   I am also considering some articles as well to talk about topics outside of a specific review.  I’ve said articles before, it’s more about finding the right time and style for me.

I hope you’ll join me and follow my E3 coverage, whatever that may be.   I just wanted to reach out to anyone on the site to let them know… I’m still here, and I’ll be coming back strong.

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