First Looks at Humble Monthly Bundle November 2018

Hello all,

I recorded three videos for the Humble Monthly Bundle of November 2018, and while it’s late in the month I am collecting them here for posterity’s sake.  The games are listed below with a short synopsis and the videos

Hollow Knight
The Metroidvania hit from 2017.  You explore a dark and dangerous world as a vessel.   Very difficult but solid action.


Play the world’s most dangerous assassin.  It’s almost like a puzzle game meets a James Bond Movie, and more.


7 Days To Die
Early access Zombie Survival Horror.  How long can you survive?


Of course if you’ve been following the site, you know both Hollow Knight and Hitman has been reviewed.   I’ll actually have the review for 7 Days to Die in a day or two.  I’ve been a bit slow with the reviews this month due to a number of things, but I’m still excited to finish this month’s reviews before launch.

If these sound like your type of games and you want to grab them, you can use this link.

Until next time, thanks for reading and watching.

Disclosure: There is a ref/partner link on the Humble Bundle link. It doesn’t affect your purchase and you will get the normal price. By signing up with it, you’ll give me a few extra funds to continue to get and review newer games for a reasonable price and to keep this site going.

I am not directly paid by Humble Bundle for reviewing their games, and in fact, I purchase every bundle with my own money but review the monthly bundle as a service to my readers. In addition, the existence of the Partner program does not affect my opinion of the bundle, but I realized I could provide that link as a service for you to find it, and it could help fund my gaming habit.