Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlock Wrap Up for November 2018

Welcome again,

This is my wrap up of the Humble Monthly Bundle for November 2018.

This month Humble Bundle Released three Early Unlocks, Hollow Knight, Hitman and 7 Days to Die.  I’ll quickly go over each of the games here, along with my Last Looks, I also have links to the full reviews if you want to read the whole thing.  I’ll go a little deeper into my recommendations.  A full recount of why you should buy this bundle is at the bottom. 

Hollow Knight: A brutally hard, but excellent Metroidvania.  The graphics are gorgeous the gameplay is great, and the atmosphere is perfect.  The only real flaw in this game is the game is just brutally hard potentially locking people out of its greatness.  I really like this game, but I also caution anyone who isn’t looking for a very hard challenge.  I go into this discussion more in the review.


Hitman: As I say in my review, I’ve had trouble with this series.  However, this version has me in love with it.  It’s puzzle, spies, and elaborate deaths, or action, and high octane.  This is a game worth checking out and with a new sequel almost out it’s a good time to see if it’s something you’ll enjoy.

Note: This doesn’t contain the GOTY bonus campaign, Patient Zero.


7 Days To Die: I try to look at the positives here, but I can’t for 7 Days to Die, I think it’s an incredibly flawed game, a saturated genre, whichever of genre you’re looking at, and it’s very boring.  If you’re looking to try this game out, this would be the time to buy it, but personally, I was very bored with this game.   It is at half price though (MSRP is 24.99).


So with all three games reviewed with links available right there, let’s talk about the bundle itself.

I’m a little ambivalent about some Humble Monthly Bundle.  I often recommend the entire bundle even if I don’t have a strong feeling about any of the games.  However, I will say this is one of the best bundles I’ve seen for two reasons.  Hollow Knight and Hitman, both are fantastic games, and if you don’t own either game, this is a must buy.  Hollow Knight is incredible and getting it at a small discount is worth it.  Hitman varies often in price and likely will come down but getting Hitman for 12 dollars is an incredible deal.

I do realize that yesterday starts the Steam October sale, but still, both games are worth it.  In addition like most of these bundles, you’ll get more games at the end of this week (First Friday of November).  Usually they’re good, but with both Hitman and Hollow Knight, I don’t know what we might see, personally, I’d say get this bundle for those two games specifically.  Either one is worth the full 12 dollar entry price.

If you’re interested in the Humble Monthly Bundle you can find it on their site. Here’s a link if you’re curious.

With that said, I know this one came out very late, my job has been changing and I’m trying to keep on top of that as well as this, and I’m stretched thin, I’ll try to be a little more timely next month and thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon to talk about Humble Monthly Bundle for December 2018.  Hopefully, we get a Christmas Surprise.

Until then. Kinglink out!

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