First Looks at Humble Monthly Bundle for December 2018

Hello all,

I’ve recorded my first looks at all three Early Unlocks released for Humble Monthly Bundle of December 2018.  It is not my first experience with any of the three games, so I am able to talk deeper about each game.   The games are listed below with a short synopsis and the videos

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
This was the first taste of the Metal Gear Solid 5, and the fox engine that people experienced.  Released 18 months before The Phantom Pain.  Honestly

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
The final Metal Gear Solid game to be made by Hideo Kojima, I go into a bit of the flaws of the game in the video.  Admittedly the first mission here is NOT representative of the game. 

Cities: Skylines + After Dark
This is a excellent replacement for SimCity.  It’s fantastic, it’s interesting and it’s deep. I show some “advanced” cities here as well as show the beginning of a city.

I’ve yet to review any of these games, working on the Ground Zeroes write up as I type this, but they will be coming soon.  If you enjoy my writing, consider following the site through email (on the right) or if you prefer my videos, subscribing 

If these sound like your type of games and you want to grab them, you can use this link.

Until next time, thanks for reading and watching.

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