First Looks at Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks for January 2019

Hello all,

It’s almost the new year, but I’m hear with your dose of Humble Monthly Bundle magic.  This month we’re looking at three early unlocks, which is becoming the standard.  As always the games are listed below with a short synopsis and the videos

Just Cause 3
I admittedly have played Just Cause 3 before, playing in 2017.  However, I am thrilled to tackle it a second time and really enjoy playing this game. 

Project CARS 2
A new entry to the new racing franchise from Simply Made Studios.  It’s beautiful but the simulation feels so good this time around.  I’m proud of this video especially the fact the second race showcases the new weather system that blew my mind.  Check it out.

Wizard of Legend
An interesting little roguelite where the player runs through a dungeon trying to beat bosses, and gather magical spells.  Inventive, and interesting.

We already have a review of Just Cause 3 from yesterday, and I’ll be releasing the other two reviews before the end of the month.  Following my channel on Youtube is always the best way to keep updated, or consider following the site through email (on the right side) . 

If these sound like your type of games and you want to grab them, you can use this link.

Until next time, thanks for reading and watching.