Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlock Wrap Up for February 2019

Welcome again,

One Month of 2019 down!   This month was exciting, we started off with two high profile games, Yakuza 0, and The Division.   However, as the month went on we even got a surprise of Rapture Rejects.   It’s a diverse month with three different opinions on the game, so let’s get to it.

Yakuza 0: This is a fantastic game.  As mentioned this game won my Game of the year last year.  You can read all about it, and even watch the video up there.   It’s an excellent open world fighting game focused on Japan, with absolutely the most insane events and stories included.  It’s played mostly serious but it’s also a ton of fun.  I still love it and I’m thrilled everyone now has a chance to play it.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: This is a multiplayer cover-based tactical shooter and it shows.   I do recommend players having a party, the good news is that right now, there should be more players on due to the Humble Bundle, the challenge though will be finding or matchmatching with them.  If you have a group of friends though, this is a great way to pick up the game.

HOWEVER! this is a Uplay key.  You have to at least install  Ubisoft’s launcher to play this version of the game.  This isn’t a huge problem in my opinion but something buyers should be aware of.

A final note: The Humble Monthly Bundle also has the survival DLC with it.  I really didn’t play this mode, but more content for any game is never a negative.

Rapture Rejects:  I try to make these posts positive but honestly, this is dead multiplayer online only game.  It’s a 20 dollar game asking for microtransactions, it has less than 100 players online for a 100 person battle royale, not to mention there are four different regions and two different modes so not everyone is in the same queue.  I couldn’t find games with more than 11 players, and there are other problems.  None of this is acceptable.

So with all three games reviewed with links available right there, let’s talk about the bundle itself.

This has Yakuza 0, my favorite game from last year, only four months old on PC, and well worth playing for almost anyone.  It then has Tom Clancy’s The Division, a rather solid multiplayer game, which if you can find some friends to play with is easily worth playing.  Finally, there’s Rapture Rejects, not only the worst game in the humble bundle, but I gave my lowest score for a reason.  I’m not a fan of that game, and I’m not going to pretend I am.  That’s the problem with an honest reviewer, I can’t sugarcoat that one.

Still, I will say I’m a huge fan of this bundle, Yakuza 0 is fantastic, The Division is a solid hit, and I’m hoping there are one or two more games that appeal to me in the final list.

There’s one other take though, both Yakuza Kiwami (the “remake” of the original game and the chronological sequel to Yakuza 0), and The Division 2 (The sequel to The Division… duh) are releasing in the next two months.  Yazuka Kiwami is due out February 19th, 2019, and The Division 2 is out March 15th, 2019.   So this bundle is a great chance to see what each of those franchises is about for a fantastic price.

If you’re interested in the Humble Monthly Bundle you can find it on their site. Here’s a link if you’re curious.  It’s a great bundle, and I’m excited to see what comes next month and of  course I’ll be back again to review that as well.

Until then, thanks for reading.