Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlock Wrap Up for April 2019

Welcome again,

This month brings us four games to talk about, and a new video just for you.   Again I created a quick recap video of the month to summarize the three games as I do down below and stepped up the production by giving a little video of each game.

The April 2019 bundle is a little weak for me, but I’ll explain after going over each game.   So let’s see what we have.

Northgard: This is a really interesting RTS.  It’s a little bit like a real-time worker placement Euro Board game and works well at that, but honestly, I don’t think RTSes are a big pull for me.  But it was at least interesting to play and see something new.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden: This is a tactical game, with a focus on Stealth, as well as being very similar to XCOM.  It’s based on a board game, and honestly, was quite good.  In the bundle, it’s worth it, though its base price is quite high.

Absolver: Absolver is a really interesting Open World Brawler game.  The fighting system is good, and the PVP is solid.  PVE is great as well, but sadly the PVE is very short.  The player base is a little weak too, and likely g


Minit: A game about time loops with a heavy influence from Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.  It’s a solid game.   A solid game but frightfully short.  A single playthrough takes about 90 minutes, and a second one will go much faster.   Good concept, but needed a little more.


So with all four games reviewed with links available right there, let’s talk about the bundle itself.

This is honestly the weakest bundle I’ve seen in a while.  None of these games are major or well known before the bundle released, and after playing them, each game reminded me of another game I wanted to play instead.

Northgard was the one that stood on its own. It’s unique enough, but Mutant Year Zero reminded me that I haven’t played XCOM 2… yet.  Absolver made me want to try a Dark Souls-like game (and I have Nioh waiting for its turn) and Minit reminded me of Half Minute Hero and Sexy Brutale.

That’s not to say it a bad month, if any of the games interest you, 12 bucks is a worthy price for almost all of them. (Minit goes for 10 bucks MSRP) but none gave me a strong recommendation for the bundle itself.

While the information from last month was correct, that information doesn’t appear to be shared this month, so, unfortunately, that’s all I have.  I don’t hate this month’s bundle, but it’s definitely Humble Monthly Bundle at it’s weakest.

If you are interested in the Humble Monthly Bundle for the Early Unlocks or want to take a gamble on the unlocks, you can find it on their site. Here’s a link if you’re curious.  I’m still excited to see what comes next month and of course I’ll be back again to review that as well.

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Until then, thanks for reading.