Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlock Wrap Up for June 2019

The Early Unlocks for the Humble Monthly Bundle for June 2019 is a single game.  It’s also a major one, though it’s definitely going to be contentious for a Bundle.  I’ve been waiting to see if there is an early reveal and contacted Humble Bundle with no success. Since there hasn’t been a Early reveal yet, I’ve decided to go forward with the wrap-up and update it if necessary.

While I’d love to make a unique video for this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle, I think that video pretty much sums up my feelings on the game.  However, it’s important to note that the version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the Humble Monthly Bundle is the Standard Edition.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4:  The latest in the Call of Duty: Black Ops line.  Black Ops 4 is a multiplayer-only experience, focused on Battle Royale, normal Call of Duty Multiplayer, and their Zombies mode.

This is an underwhelming game, especially on PC.  The player counts are lower than expected, the game is only multiplayer which means those player counts are more important, and the game itself doesn’t run that well on anything but top of the line hardware.

This is a BattleNet key, not a Steam key, but overall… it’s just not a very enjoyable experience.   Honestly, I think this was one of the worst choices that Humble has ever made for their Humble Monthly Bundle, and the fact that the server population feels so low is not a good look.

EDIT: Humble is now giving the standard edition, not the battle edition.  Part of this paragraph is not needed.  The other problem is that’s the only game available and it’s not even the full edition.  If you buy this game and want zombies, you’ll have to pay an extra 20 dollars on top of the game.  With only one game, the question becomes is Black Ops 4 worth 12 dollars?  The answer is a strong “No”.  I can’t recommend this bundle, and I’ve paused this month (I owned the game from another source.)

This is, of course, my own take, if you are a Call of Duty fan, 12 dollars for Black Ops 4 is a good deal, however, if you are a Call of Duty fan you probably already own this one in some form.

And of course as a warning, as I did last month, there is DLC, Lootboxes, And Microtransactions in Black Ops 4, so that’s a bit worrisome, especially after last month’s game also included them.

If you are somehow interested in this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle, here’s a link.

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Until then, thanks for reading.

Edit: I’ve updated parts of this to reflect the fact that Humble Bundle has updated the edition of the game from Battle Edition to Standard Edition on May 29th.  While the copy of the game is worth more, my full review was for the standard edition and it only changes the value, not necessarily the game underneath.