Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlock Review for July 2019

The Early Unlocks for the Humble Monthly Bundle for July 2019 is a pair of game.  This month’s Early Unlocks include Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter so let’s see how they stack up.

So let’s take a look at both of these games and see how good they really are.  I’ll link the full reviews and include the video reviews for those who want more information.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice:  This is one of my favorite games.  I covered it last year, and it earned a high score on it’s merits.  The sound design alone is amazing, but the story telling, the environments, and the character are all top notch, and honestly.  I’m a little sad that this game didn’t get more attention, it definitely deserved it.

The combat could be better, but overall, this is still one of a top notch game, and while it was sold as a “AA” budget, it easily could be worth a full 60 dollars, and honestly, is a tremendous game.

I could continue to lavish praise on this game but I think my review speaks for itself, use headphones or a 5.1 surround sound system, but just check out this game.

Moonlighter:  Moonlighter is a great dungeon crawler game, coupled with an interesting item shop management game.  Both parts of Moonlighter are good on their own but combined they create a unique experience and it’s one that should be checked out.

Running an item store is an interesting experience, and worth playing as the player can change prices, and try to maximize profits.  Those profits then are used to buy new weapons and armor for the player as he dives into the dungeon again to get more loot to sell.

It seems like it’ll be a cycle to grind on but Moonlighter has a great feeling of progression and a number of interesting changes in the dungeons over time.  While it has some smaller problems, the full experience is still extremely fun for quite a long time.

As I said in the video I’m going to “score” each month’s Humble Monthly Bundle.  With one of three grades out of Strong, Medium, or Weak This month’s bundle has two great game in it and I honestly think almost anyone should check these game out.  This is why I became a fan of Humble Monthly Bundle and that’s why I give this month a

Strong Recommendation

If you are somehow interested in this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle, here’s a link.

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Until then, thanks for reading.