Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlock Review for September 2019

It’s time to look at the Early Unlocks for Humble Monthly Bundle for September 2019.  This month had a pair of game, Slay the Spire and Squad.  Slay the Spire has been on my list of games to play for quite a while so I’m thrilled to finally cover it.

Squad, on the other hand, was a game I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy.  It’s not that Squad was a terrible game, but it just wasn’t the type of game I felt I could properly review.  As such this month I’ve done something different.  I’ve reviewed Slay the Spire but left Squad to be reviewed as part of this review, a mini-review/unofficial review if you will.

Let’s begin with Slay the Spire.

Slay the Spire: Slay the Spire has gotten a lot of attention for being one of the great rogue-lites, and that’s true.  Slay the Spire is a game I struggle to put down.  There’s just always some reason to start a new game.  Either fixing a mistake you made, exploring a new run after a victory, or just trying a different character

There’s a ton I love about this game and honestly, this is a great pickup for just 12 dollars on its own.

Squad:  As stated, there’s not an official review for Squad from me.  One of the main reasons for this is because I really don’t find the game interesting, or enjoy the genre of game.   As such my opinion the game which is quite low isn’t a very fair opinion.

Squad is a realistic shooter, in the same vein as Arma, that includes most of the design decisions.  However, one thing Squad has excelled at is the VOIP communication systems, being able to choose to talk to your squad, the local players or just the squad leaders.

It seems to be lacking in mod support and the fact is, it’s still in early access might explain that.  Squad seems well geared though to fans of this genre and can be interesting.

However, the biggest issue I ran up against is that enemies can shoot you from miles off and it’s hard to really see them or even run and gun.  It also can be a very complex UI or system.  That’s not an awful thing, but this isn’t the style of gun play I’m a huge fan of, at least not in a multiplayer shooter.

Ultimately Squad is a fine game, and if you like Arma or similar games, I could see this game getting something like a 3.5/5 or a 4/5, with it probably rising as it leaves Early Access.  That is, of course, an unofficial score.


So how is this entire Bundle? The fact is both of these games can work well for those who like them.  Slay the spire on its own is 50 percent off.  Squad, on the other hand,  sells for 40 dollars normally, and again the 12 dollar price tag for Humble Monthly Bundle is a great deal for that game.

The question becomes does either of these genres speak to you as a gamer.  Slay the Spire definitely works for rogue-lite enthusiasts or people who love card games, and Squad is right for fans of Arma or players who want a good squad-based combat sim.

As for a grade, I think both of these games can speak to people depending on what they are looking for.  Slay the Spire has kept me busy for over 30 hours, and probably will hit triple three digits are some point.  If you enjoy Squad, you’ll easily be able to play at least the same number of hours from playing new multiplayer matches.

I’m giving this Humble Monthly Bundle a

Strong Recommendation

A big piece of this is definitely going to be a taste for genres, but if either of these two games strikes your fancy, definitely check this one.

If you are somehow interested in this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle, here’s a link.

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Until then, thanks for reading.