Dishonored 2 Review

Played on Windows
Also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dishonored was an interesting sleeper hit of 2012, it might not be a traditional choice for a sleeper hit but arrived with a little fanfare and left a huge impact on fans, so it’s unsurprising that a sequel was made. Four years later, and we return to Dunwall, but will we enjoy a second trip?

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Late Shift Review

Played on Windows.
Also Available on iOS, AppleTV, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and movie theaters.

If one was to ask me about FMV games a month ago, I would immediately think of the first game that talked about FMVs that I played. The massive Final Fantasy VII that shipped on 4 CD and boasted just under an hour of Full Motion Videos. At the same time, another form of FMV was being used. Entire games spliced together out of digitized video clips. There was everything from the infamous (but hardly as scandalous as people thought) Night Trap, Mad Dog McCree, and more.

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Wargroove Review

Played on Windows.
Also Available on Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
Announced for PlayStation 4.
Disclosure below (Review copy)

We are once again talking about a strategy game, and I’m a fan of strategy games. I love turn-based combat and a more tactical game. I’ve played these game for quite a while, whether they be RPGs like the old Might and Magic series, or Ultima, the XCOM Series, Into the Breach, or Nintendo’s versions, known in America as Advance Wars, as well as Fire Emblem to an extent. A new franchise in this genre has arrived, and its name is Wargroove. How does it compare to the other strategy games that have come before it?

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An Indie Game Roundup

When I finished playing Watch Dogs 2, I had a list of games I wanted to cover next. But I didn’t feel right. All the games I wanted to cover were major releases. So I told myself I should find an indie game that I wanted to cover. The thing is, I don’t know if any of the games were right to cover fully in a single review due to how long it takes to make one.

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Watch Dogs 2 Review

Played On Windows.
Also Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
Quick link: Video Review

In 2014, Ubisoft Montreal released Watch Dogs. It was an attempt to set up a new franchise with the main character being a hacker in Chicago. The game suffered from some issues but the biggest piece was a lackluster hacking mechanism and a weak protagonist. So now a couple of years later, a sequel has been released. Does Watch Dogs 2 fix those issues?

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Minit Review

Played on Windows.
Also available on Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS

The idea of time travel has been one that has fascinated people for centuries and likely longer. The idea of time loops is a little more recent and while it’s been in pop culture for the last 70 years, it grew in popularity with Groundhog Day. Minit is the latest game to jump on this trend and try to do something unique with it. Does it?

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The Hex Review

Played on Windows.
Also Available on Mac and Linux.
Disclaimer (Review copy) at the end

I knew when I heard about The Hex, I was going to have trouble reviewing it. The Hex is the latest game by Daniel Mullins Games, the same developer of Pony Island. Pony Island itself is a strange game that is hard to describe without giving it away. So the first question I had was would I have a similar problem with The Hex? Of course, the answer was yes.

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