Conan Exiles Review

Played on Windows.
Also Available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So Conan Exiles is the third game of the Humble Monthly Bundle for August 2018, and it’s time for me to tackle it. I wasn’t sure about Conan Exiles. It gave me a roller coaster of emotions. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he was Conan, that’s good. But this isn’t Arnold’s version. That’s bad. But this is still Conan, “What is Best in life?” That’s good. But this is a survival game… that’s bad at least for me. Still, I’m going to tackle this game as best as I can and the fact that it only came out a couple months ago is interesting.

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The Escapists 2 Review

Played on Windows
Also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS

I played the original The Escapists in 2015. It was an interesting idea for a game but ultimately I didn’t enjoy the experience and quickly moved on to other games, vowing not to return to prison, at least with that series. So in 2018, I’m back in the same pixelized prisons and I wonder how I got here. Well apparently, The Escapists did well enough and then Humble Monthly Bundle for August 2018 picked The Escapists 2 in their Early Unlocks, and once again I’m back in the hole, the pokey, or the big house.

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A Hat In Time Review

Played on Windows
Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS

I launched my Steam Curator site in January 2018 and wanted to get some new games to curate. I ended up picking up Sonic Mania, Hollow Knight and A Hat in Time. Honestly, that is a really solid pack of games and I ended up recommending all three games. Back then since my reviews were on Steam I only could write 8,000 characters and only give a positive recommendation or a negative recommendation. Things were easier. Now Humble Monthly Bundle August 2018 has arrived and brought A Hat In Time in its collection, so it’s time to do a proper review of that game, as well as my first “Re-review”.

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Into The Breach Review

Played on Windows
Planned versions for macOS and Linux with no release date available currently.
Disclosure (review copy) at the end of the review

Into the Breach was released in February, and got a lot of publicity, but the one thing I noticed is the title of the game appeared to be “Into the Breach from the makers of FTL”. It seemed every news source used that title, and apparently, now I have. Subset Games has made that connection a major feature of the advertising of the game even showing it on the steam header image and such.

However no mention in the game here.

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Jydge Quick Look Review

Played on Windows
Also Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Linux, macOS


Final Thoughts: A rather solid top down shooter, ruined by required repetition in the progression system.  Still a lot of fun, and I enjoyed what I played, I just wish it was my choice to replay it as much as I did.