Humble Monthly Bundle August 2018 First Looks

Hello all,

I’ve been doing the Humble Bundle Reviews for three months now and figure I would collect the videos for the First Looks at the games in one location so people can check them out as needed.

There’s three videos games for August 2018 including my first re-review.

We first have the adorable Hat in Time, we’ll have a review for this tomorrow as well, and it’s a game I enjoyed back in January and still enjoy today.


We also have a sequel to The Escapists which is known as …. drumroll please.  The Escapists 2.


Finally we bring you a very new game, released last month, called Conan Exiles.  Survival at it’s best.  Bonus points, try to hear when this game uses the name “Conan”… spoiler it doesn’t, but it’s an interesting game anyways.

So with that out of the way you can see how the game play looks.

In addition I am planning like always to have a written review, and a video reviews for each game, with the first one planned for tomorrow.   I’ll also give you an additional wrap up of the Humble Monthly Bundle once I have all three reviews published.  Until then, follow me on twitter or youtube to keep up to date with my reviews and catch them first.

Kinglink out!

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