Humble Monthly Bundle September 2018 First Looks

Hello all,

It’s another wonderful month, and this month we have three different Early Access games. Just like last month, I’m going to gather my First Looks for all three games in one post. I’ve already reviewed Staxel, and am currently prepping my Sniper Elite 4 review. I will be honest, my Tales of Berseria review might be delayed a few days, due to the size and scope of the game and I wish to finish it to give it a correct score.

With that said let’s take a look at each title.

Staxel is a 3D Multiplayer farming game with a heavy feeling of Stardew Valley and Minecraft oozing from it.

We then have the sniping game, Sniper Elite 4. Warning this game is a bit graphic but if you’re willing to forgo that warning, check this out.

Finally, we bring you Tales of Berseria. If you want quantity, this is going to be the game for you. I’m currently 30 hours into the game, and I don’t know if I’m even halfway.

So from those videos, you can see how each game plays in the first thirty minutes. I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll return with full reviews as soon as possible.

However, if you are already interested in the Humble Bundle you can find it on their site. Here’s a link if you’re curious.

I will continue to review the games, so consider subscribing to the YouTube channel, to get them ahead of time, and otherwise, I’ll see you once I wrap up this month’s bundle in a couple weeks most likely.

Until then. Kinglink out!

Disclosure: There is a ref/partner link on the Humble Bundle link. It doesn’t affect your purchase and you will get the normal price. By signing up with it, you’ll give me a few extra funds to continue to get and review newer games for a reasonable price and to keep this site going.

I am not directly paid by Humble Bundle for reviewing their games, and in fact, I purchase every bundle with my own money but review the monthly bundle as a service to my readers. In addition, the existence of the Partner program does not affect my opinion of the bundle, but I realized I could provide that link as a service for you to find it, and it could help fund my gaming habit.

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