Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks Previews for April 2019

Hello all,

It’s time again for the Humble Monthly Bundle First looks… except it’s not.  We’re changing the format up and just calling them previews, in addition, we have flat video and voice over so I can talk a little more about the mechanics and leave less dead air.  With that said, we have three lesser-known titles let’s talk about the Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks for April 2019.


We start with an odd game.  It’s an RTS that reminds me a lot of Warcraft from back in the day.  I’ve heard it’s more like Settlers but I admit I haven’t played those.  You run a civilization and build your civilization up as you race others to victory.  There’s a decent story mode of 11 missions and good gameplay.  Check the video as I go far deeper. 

Mutant Year Zero:  Road to Eden

What happens when an adventure game mixes with X-com?  You get Mutant Year Zero, it’s an interesting take on the strategy genre, and recent as it only came out at the end of last year.  Strange and bizarre as well, check the video to see a duck and boar tear up around the lush but mostly empty wasteland.


What would happen if Dark Souls was a lot easier and more focused on multiplayer combat and martial arts?  Well, that’s Absolver in a nutshell.  I didn’t go into this game expecting something great, but after finding the multiplayer part of the game, I have to say I cheered up quickly.  Watch me dominate!  

And those are my previews and my new format.  I hope you enjoyed it.  This has also come out in the first week of the month to be a little timelier, and I will be coming back with reviews for those games shortly.  Subscribe to either my Site in the right column to get email notifications of what’s coming next or on my Youtube channel.

Until then.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back shortly with more.