Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks Previews for September 2019

Hello all,

It’s a new month and here I am to talk about the new Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks.  I’m doing this back to back with my review, but don’t worry I have a wealth of content coming, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be reviewed soon, I have something else in the works and even a review of the Messenger is right around the corner. 

But let’s talk about the Early Unlocks. 

This is an interesting month.  Slay the Spire is a major game, and one I have been looking forward to playing eventually.  Well I guess that time is now.  The other game, Squad is an interesting game but probably not my style.  Still let’s look at both of them. Read More »

Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks Previews for August 2019

Hello all,

It’s almost the middle of July but Humble Monthly Bundle got a late start and so here we are.   Time to preview the Early Unlocks. 

The good news is that this is an impressive month.  Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a major game, Surviving Mars is an interesting accompaniment, the only question is how much of these games will I have time to play before the end of the month.  So let’s dive in. Read More »

Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks Previews for May 2019

Hello all,

It’s the beginning of April 2019, which means it’s time for the Humble Monthly Bundle Unlocks. for May 2019… odd how that works.

This month we have a big one.  Assassin’s Creed: Origins.  This time we’re going to find the origins of the original Assassins, at least I assume so based on the title.  There’s a single game so far this month so I have a single video to cover it but it makes this process a little easier on me.

Asscreed Preview

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Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks Previews for April 2019

Hello all,

It’s time again for the Humble Monthly Bundle First looks… except it’s not.  We’re changing the format up and just calling them previews, in addition, we have flat video and voice over so I can talk a little more about the mechanics and leave less dead air.  With that said, we have three lesser-known titles let’s talk about the Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks for April 2019.Read More »