Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks Previews for November 2019 – Crash, Spyro and Call of Duty, oh my!

Hello again,

It’s another new month, and once again I’m here to cover the Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks.  This is a really solid month as well as an easy one as there are already reviews for two of the three games, and the selection is fantastic.  It’s an Activision triple pack, along with one of the newest games they released for the PC.  It’s Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Call of Duty: World War 2 and Crash Bandicoot Trilogy.

Call of Duty: World War 2

We start with the only Preview this month, due to already having reviews for that other two games.  And it is Call of Duty.  There’s not a ton to say outside of the review, but it is focused on World War 2, which was the original War the franchise focused on, however, they have never looked this good.   

There’s a meaty single-player campaign, Multiplayer that still appears to be active and Nazi Zombies mode for the senseless slaughter.  While it’s an interesting title, I think it’s the weakest out of the three games this month, just due to the other two being strong titles.  With that said. If you like Call of Duty, it’s 12 bucks, that’s a fantastic deal. 

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

What great timing.  I released this review on Saturday, the day after the Humble Monthly Bundle Released, and to put it simply I think this is a great title.  I should be upset that I paid 30 bucks about a month ago for this title, but I’m not, it’s a great title for full price, earning a 5/5.  At 12 bucks it’s an absolute steal… Combined with the other 3 games making it 4 dollars just for this title… There’s no reason not to pick this up.  This is a must buy. 

I have heard of some people having major issues with this game, but after having played 

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

Finally, there’s Crash, which again I’ve reviewed previously.  I’lll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this trilogy, there are small mistakes made while making the game, namely the collision model, the franchise itself is a little more frustrating than it should be to play, and it’s definitely more of an artifact of the 90s, unlike Spyro which has been beautifully brought back to life.  Though it’s still an impressive game and well worth playing.  You’ll get at least 10-20 hours of game time out of this game, and probably quite a bit more.   I’m not sure about buying it at full price, but as part of the Humble Monthly Bundle, this is a fantastic deal and well worth the attention. 


And that’s my “first” thoughts on all three of these games.  In all honesty, I’ve already beat Call of Duty over the weekend, and am ready to start working on a review (though there are one or two things to take care of first for the site).  And already reviewed the other two games, but there’s no question, this is a great month.

If you’re still not sure or want to know what I think of Call of Duty World War 2, stay tuned, I’ll have that video for you before long, as it’s next up on the review schedule. 

Until then.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back shortly with more.