Kinglink Reviews Fall 2019 Update

The following is a Youtube Script that has been recorded and available below.  If you prefer to read rather than listen, continue on.

Hello, I’m Kinglink and this is a video to talk about some important topics to Kinglink Reviews especially in what I’m doing. This is the fall update, we’ll talk about rushed reviews, review copies, and the focus of my reviews.

And if you’re watching the video, I’ll be playing Lego Jurassic Park, just for the reason that I want to play it, and this gives me a reason to record it a bit. It’s honestly a good game, maybe we’ll talk about it eventually. Don’t know.

Now before we dive into the big change, I want to address one or two minor things. A common question is why don’t I play the newest games, or why my reviews are delayed. I just reviewed Spyro, but the experience of reviewing a new game is rough. You have every major player like Polygon, IGN, Eurogamer, Gamespot, and more all rushing out their reviews, and I hope they play the whole game but there’s a need to be the first to publish, and so many voices that it doesn’t help.

Besides, a recently launched game is also an unpatched game, so a lot of developers can say fixes are coming. In Spyro’s case they haven’t given a patch yet, though I didn’t need one, I know others will. Bloodstained said they’d have a Nintendo Switch patch soon, and there were problems with the port… That was in July… It’s now promised to be out IN NOVEMBER. Now I’m not going to comment on the size or scope of the patch, I’m sure there are a lot of big problems and they gotta fix it… Fair enough, but as we got the game we were told a couple of weeks for the patch… it’s been more than a couple months. That’s not good and a prime example to not trust a developer about patch schedule, so waiting a couple months or years, is fine, the games are still good, if not even better because they’ve been fixed.

I’m sure at times I’ll review a highly anticipated game that I’m hyped for like I have for Bloodstained, but it’s the exception, not the rule. I prefer to pick up games after they’re patched and see what they are. A lot of the rushed reviews tend to downplay or miss that there are microtransactions and one of those reasons is they aren’t in the game at pre-launch, so they miss it. Major patches are important, and the fact is, I want to look at what the game finally is, not just the first offering. Plus why not save a few bucks. Again I get NO money for this channel, and I’m not planning on making bank on it. I do this for fun, self-funded.

So from that, another major change is that I no longer will ask for or accept review copies. I just know that if my reviews rely on that, I will lose the impartiality of what I need to do, and that’s not right. I know many others who get review copies, and I get it, it’s important if you make a living on Youtube or gaming, and if you can get them there’s a HUGE amount of publicity with an early review. But every time I play that game, it’s just a mess, and my opinions can suffer.

As well, I have been thinking a lot about this channel. I’ve enjoyed writing reviews and making youtube videos, but I’m torn between several things. I’m honestly a touch overloaded. Right now I work an 8ish hour job, an hour for lunch, and I’m trying to work out three times a week and that can take an hour or two of my day as well, and, of course, family time. So there’s not as much time as there was when I was job hunting. But I’ve noticed that I can spend two to three days not playing games, while I write reviews, film, write scripts and everything else. I write a full six to ten-page review, add screenshots. and then rewrite it for youtube, record it a few times, and then record footage, it’s a lot of work.

So I need to make a change, I like gaming, and the reason I have this site and channel is I wanted to use my voice, experience, and more to review games but I also just want to play games. I feel like I’ve made something here, I mean 400 subscribers are small but I’m proud of it. And I want to grow.

What keeps me going is viewed on Youtube or subscribers. There was a point in September where I was about to quit, just because I was so overloaded, and my new videos never had the big numbers, and then I noticed how big some of my old videos had gotten. Again not super huge but about 14 videos have over a thousand views, and… I’m kind of happy about that. That’s what keeps me going, minor things like that.

So I thought to myself about what I’ve been doing and decided to make a change. I’m going to focus 100 percent of my effort on the Youtube channel. What that means is that I’ll still run the websites, but I’m going to only write scripts for youtube. I’ll spend more time on making the videos, cutting footage, getting better shots if possible, and I’m hoping to produce better content from the focus.

I’ll still be posting the Youtube scripts to my website, which is if you have never been. And I might go deeper on a few issues with additional information there so my videos don’t get too bloated, I’ll mention that on the videos themselves if so. The idea here is to not duplicate work, as it is now where I write a review and then rewrite it for the video, it’s not necessary so I have to make a change.

So that’s the update, it’s really not a major one for Youtube, but for anyone who checks out my site, thank you, and I’ll still be here, but it might look a little different.

With that said, I’m already working on my Call of Duty World War 2 Review, I’ll be posting that soon actually, I finished playing it this weekend, and already have been working on the script for it. I also recorded about 6 hours of footage as I played so I’m in a better place for that as well.

As always consider subscribing and check out some other videos, I’ll put up Spyro The Dragon Review, and my Call of Duty World War 2 Preview… those unscripted videos. I have to somehow talk myself out of making those one day.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll return soon.