#WarGames – What’s the most important rule of making a game?

I normally try to review games and tell people why they should or should not be playing them. It’s mostly a subjective task and I can’t make a single review for 100 percent of the people. At least most of the time.

As for #WarGames, I can say, this review works for every single person. The fact is, #WarGames is only being mentioned here because it’s so horrendous. I wanted to take a look at a few games similar to Her Story, and about a month ago, I picked up #WarGames in a sale for 3 bucks because Sam Barlow, who is known for Her Story, also worked on it.

To me, 3 bucks isn’t that much money. If a game can keep my attention for 60 minutes, it’s done its job and 3 bucks is a fair price.

#WarGames lasted less than 10 minutes. Why? Because #WarGames is broken, and I don’t mean “I don’t like it” or “Something is wrong.” But it is flat out broken on Steam. I downloaded the game, I opened it and the main page has no episodes to play, with everything locked.

What’s worse is the developer Eko seems to have disappeared. People are saying the game is free to play on their site, which it appears to be but after spending money on it and getting a broken game, I struggle to find the desire to try again.

So what is the most important rule of making a game? Make sure it works, Eko hasn’t done that, and for that, I am forced to give it the obvious score.


It’s broken 2 years after it’s launch, there’s no reason to buy it, and while you can check it out on their website, personally… I’m over it.

Plus when trying to quickly play the game on the website, you’re now streaming video instead of playing it off your hard drive and that experience is about what you would expect. Sorry, there are better choices out there.

If you enjoyed this review and want to see more from me, including more in-depth reviews of select games, check out my youtube channel at youtube.com/c/KinglinkReviews.

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