SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete – This is what SUPERHOT should have been

SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is the promised free DLC for SUPERHOT while also being a new release for the company and potentially a new game. 

It’s also what SUPERHOT always should have been. 

SUPERHOT was an excellent game when it came out.  SUPERHOT took a novel concept and spread it over thirty-one levels.  The story had some issues with how it was told, but the experience was enjoyable and players were able to quickly tackle levels and move on. 

The problem is SUPERHOT left the player wanting more.  While it had several bonus challenges in the game the main game would only last only about three or four hours.   The experience was fun but for a twenty-five dollar title, it ran out entirely too fast. 

However, the developers promised a free DLC that would include a rogue-lite mode. Now four years later, we finally get a chance to try out the DLC and man, what a change.  Of course, if you’re looking at SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete it’s not DLC, so what happened? 

The size of Mind Control Delete is so large it’s become its own game.  Owners of SUPERHOT got the new title for free, but it’s now a new purchase on Steam.  I think this was handled well because it awarded early supporters of SUPERHOT while still giving the team a way to make money on the larger game. 

I need to start with SUPERHOT, I’ve played the original game and while it’s both fun and worth recommending, it’s not great.  I wasn’t a fan of the story, and while the game was fun, the length needed a lot of work.  Overall though SUPERHOT was an interesting concept if not a perfect game. 

So how’s SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete?  SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete elevates that concept to what it should have been.  Instead of set levels, players now have randomized maps that appear in a randomized order.  The entire game is played through a map system where players have to enter different nodes on the map and try to clear them.  There is some minor structure about which enemies will appear on each node of the map, but the experience is unlike anything else and the focus is on the randomized nature of the experience. 

SUPERHOT was all about the snap decisions players needed to make, however with Mind Control Delete focusing on larger groups of enemies and a more strategic gameplay system.  The new style needed to allow the player to make a few more mistakes.  Enemies are just a bit slower to attack, there’s a life system that only allows a couple of mistakes before resetting a level, and the combat feels like you can survive for minutes on a level rather than seconds in the original game. 

The new experience focuses on abilities and upgrades as one might expect from a rogue-lite.  Players can choose one of four “core” abilities, which are extra health, the ability to summon Katanas back to the hand, the ability to charge at an enemy, and the ability to swap bodies with enemies.  The cores all have uses and tactics for players to learn but players will be able to choose which core they feel most comfortable with. 

Beyond the core abilities, players will be given a choice of a new ability every few stages.  Each potential ability in this list is collected from special locations on the map.  Overall these abilities are quite useful but I would argue that a couple of choices are less necessary than others, and a few choices that feel so overpowered you would have to choose them.

Beyond that SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is a pretty standard upgrade to SUPERHOT.  The combat is a refined and improved version of the original game.  Some new elite enemies will challenge players, but there is not an overabundance of these enemies.  Every level feels challenging and achievable and the entire experience makes players feel amazing as they beat each level. 

As a small note, I will say that SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete needs about 30 minutes before it starts to show it’s actual rogue-lite elements.  I thought I got the wrong game at first, even quitting the game to make sure, but sure enough, the brilliance of Mind Control Delete will be revealed. 

And that brilliance is quite bright.  As mentioned above I think SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is a better game than the original SUPERHOT.  It’s certainly a more interesting adventure with more content and challenges.  It’s not extremely long and players will be able to finish it in a couple of nights, however, the experience lasts longer and has more replayability.  

I liked SUPERHOT, but to be Mind Control Delete is what this the original should have been. 

I give SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete a 


If you’re liked to know more about SUPERHOT: Mind control Delete, and the entire SUPERHOT series, I would recommend the video I made on the topic, which is available here:

Check out the channel for more videos from me as well. 

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