Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks Previews for September 2019

Hello all,

It’s a new month and here I am to talk about the new Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlocks.  I’m doing this back to back with my review, but don’t worry I have a wealth of content coming, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be reviewed soon, I have something else in the works and even a review of the Messenger is right around the corner. 

But let’s talk about the Early Unlocks. 

This is an interesting month.  Slay the Spire is a major game, and one I have been looking forward to playing eventually.  Well I guess that time is now.  The other game, Squad is an interesting game but probably not my style.  Still let’s look at both of them. 

Slay the Spire

This month’s first Humble Monthly Bundle Early Unlock is Slay the Spire.  This is a deckbuilding rogue-lite game with a focus on replay-ability.   A single game of slay the spire can take at least 30 minutes to around 2 hours but after winning or losing players are encouraged to jump back in and tackle the tower again and again. 

It has a great card game system, but it doesn’t feel like it limit’s itself to only players who like card games.  It’s more tactical and focused on strategy than just playing cards.  It has a strange addictive quality to it that makes me excited to play more, so I’ll keep this short to get back to it. . 


The other Early Unlock for September 2019 is an Early Access game called Squad.  This one is honestly more focused on military simulators than anything and if you’re a fan of games like Arma this is probably right up your alley.  While it is in Early Access, there’s a lot of features and functionality in the game, and it is getting regular updates even if it’s been in Early access for over 4 years.

I’ve decided not to review Squad due to it not being my style of game, and while it is interesting, it’s something I’d rather spend a very large amount of time to get to know.  If I hated the game I could review it but in this case I dislike the genre, so for this month, I’ll be doing this for the first time.  It’s a Humble Monthly Bundle game that I am choosing not to review. 


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Until then.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back shortly with more.