Lego Jurassic World – Review – A game 65 million years in the making


Hello and welcome to my review of Lego Jurassic World. This game was developed by TT Fusion as well as Traveler Tales and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.

Lego Jurassic World is one of the many Lego games which have been made by the owners of TT Fusion, TT Games, who also own Traveler’s Tales. Lego games all go by a similar formula since Lego Star Wars. This time it’s Jurassic Park and Jurassic World’s turn, but is it worth it?

I know this is a strange game for me to cover, but the fact is, I love looking at the unique games, and Lego games are ones that get neglected. Often they are considered the same every time, and that can be true, but each game is unique. So I figured we should look at one.

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I will also say, I’m making this video with NO volume from the game. The fact is there’s a lot of copyrighted music here, and I just don’t want to deal with that with how Youtube handles copyright claims.

Lego games themselves have a lot of variety. I’m sure some people write off this series as just the same system, and I don’t fault people for not looking beyond the similarities. Each of these games is based on a large movie property, where characters from the movies are turned into Minifigs and then the players get to play as these characters, beat enemies and explore scenes from the movies.

But that’s not everything. The series has evolved a lot from the original Lego Star Wars game, which started with the Star Wars Prequels, at least one good thing out of those movies. Each game is a little different and there are minor changes, but there have been some bigger ones as well, such as voice being added to the game usually pulled from the movies themselves, and open-world areas that have been a major improvement.

Each game does improve the formula in some ways, but not all Lego games are the same, let’s first talk about Lego Jurassic World.

Graphically, Lego Jurassic World is solid. It’s not going to surprise most fans of the Lego game, but like always, there’s a ton of Lego looking objects based on the movies, and sure enough, there’s Lego structures to break, Lego characters to switch to, and Lego objects to interact with. This does help to identify what the player is expected to interact with.

The problem with Lego Jurassic World is that a majority of the world outside of those Lego objects aren’t Lego-fied. Much of the world, the ground, and the locations are not Legos, they’re just normal textures, and while it works, it feels like Lego objects placed in the real world, rather than a full Lego version of Jurassic Park or World.

Besides, while the minifigs are well designed, and each character looks amazing as a small Lego version of their movie persona, the portraits informing you which character you should switch to is weak. There are several black haired white males and it’s not clear which one the game expects you to use. Is it Denis Nedry, Nick Van Owen, or Ian Malcolm.

The reason why Jurassic Park is Jurassic Park is still alive. The dinosaurs in Lego Jurassic World are amazing. While they are based on Lego versions of the dinosaurs, they look incredible in the game. Each Dinosaur feels unique and they fit well with the world.

The reason this video has no sound is also a huge positive. John William’s amazing score is here, likely lifted from the soundtrack, but it is still as incredible as it’s ever been and hearing those familiar notes through the game works well and stirs up familiar feelings for this franchise.

The story of Lego Jurassic World is what you expect. For those uninitiated in the franchise, Lego games retell famous movies with Lego figurines with a small amount of artistic license. Many famous scenes are here, including a version of the Kitchen scene where Tim and Lex avoid the Raptors, or the computer room scene where Alan and Ellie are forced to hold a door while Tim and Lex need to reboot a computer.

While these parts of the game are well designed. Lego games are aimed at children, so many of the more violent moments of the game are reworked. No one ever dies, and even characters that are eaten by the dinosaurs, like the lawyer, Gennaro are regurgitated later. It’s odd to see no humans killed but it’s also what the series have come to expect, family-friendly entertainment and all.

All four movies here are well done. The original Jurassic Park is still my, and probably every fan’s, favorite movie. It has the best story, the best intro, the best character, best moral and best music. Yeah, it’s freaking good, and it’s easily one of the greatest movies of all time, not just in this series. If you haven’t seen it, you really should, but if you want to play through it, it’s really fun here.

The sequel, Jurassic Park 2 is a great follow up and it holds up well, especially in this format, there are a ton of great moments and wonderful scenes. The characters are well done, and they have great uses. The only real weak part is the San Diego portion of the game which is short and weak. It is similar to the movie and just entirely too quick.

I will say the Gymnast scene is in Lego Jurassic World but it’s handled so much better and doesn’t have the corny “The school cut you from the team?” That was a terrible scene in the movie but well done here.

Speaking of terrible scenes… Yeah, Let’s see this famous one.

That’s, of course, the infamous Alan scene and… it’s still silly and out of place, but I think it works here due to the humorous story, especially raptor Jeff Goldblum. Jurassic Park 3 itself is weak, probably the worst out of these movies. Lego Jurassic World makes it a bit worse, as you already have to play through the first two movies to get to this one. That is chronological, but Jurassic Park 3 is so weak it doesn’t feel like a reward.

Speaking of that… Yeah, the Titular game, Jurassic World is of course still here. And it’s available after the first level. You can play the original movie, or Jurassic World first, you’re choice. The thing is the newest movie is also a bit weak. I can name almost every character except Samuel L. Jackson’s character from the original movie. They’re unique, they are well developed and they’re interesting.

But the Jurassic World just doesn’t have that same level of interesting characters. There’s Chris Pratt, and uhh… Bryce Dallas Howard, I think. I mean I know after playing this game they’re Owen Grady and Claire…. Uhhh I don’t remember the last name. I also can’t name another character in the new movie, I know there are two kids, Vincent D’onofrio and the caretaker, but dear god I have no clue who these people are. Oh B. D. Wong was there, but yeah that’s from the original. Dr. Wu. The thing is Lego games are based on these characters, and that hurts Jurassic World here, where Jurassic Park is still amazing.

Some lines from Lego Jurassic World are here from the original movies, and apparently, some actors recorded a few new lines for the game as well as redubbed them. While this is good, it depends on the scene, character and moment. However, Jeff Goldblum’s lines sound dreadful at times, and it’s clear they were taken from the movie, as music or sound are playing over it, so it’s not as clean as other lines. It’s a shame because it’s distracting when you notice it.

The humor of Lego Jurassic World though is well done. There is always a tongue in cheek part to almost every scene here as you may have noticed. There are not many humorous parts to the gameplay itself, but the story can be funny. One of the best moments is a reference to Jaws that comes out of nowhere, however, there are quite a few solid scenes here as well.

Lego games are reaching the point some games, like Lego Avengers, sticks too close to the story, and doesn’t create enough scenes to be anything other than a strict retelling of the story. Lego Jurassic Park isn’t that. It is a little too faithful to that story, but at the same time, the humor is here and is worth playing.

This brings us to the gameplay and honestly this is just a Lego game. If you’ve ever played any of this series, you probably have an idea of how this will go. For the uninitiated let me give you a very quick overview.

In any scene, you explore the area, smash any objects you can find and use any special abilities. If there’s a spot to use one, you’ll get a prompt either showing you the character with that ability, or the button to hit, usually B. And that’s about it.

There are a lot of scenes, locations, and even enemies to fight, though actually, Lego Jurassic World doesn’t have as much combat as other games. The thing is you’re not going to find a challenge here. You can die, but you just lose some of the currency, which is Lego studs, about 2,000 studs drops which can be picked up when you respawn, and then you try again and again. There’s no game over, no failure state, just simple fun. So really why play these games?

As mentioned before, Lego games are based on properties. If you HATE dinosaurs and Jurassic Park, don’t play Lego Jurassic World. But if you want a fun retelling of the story, with some humor, that’s what Lego Jurassic World is about. If you want a family-friendly game to play with your 6-year-old? Great. If you’re just a 38-year-old programmer who enjoys a simple game… well yeah, there’s a reason I’m looking at this game.

The big thing Lego Jurassic World does differently than this series is that you can play as Dinosaurs. You don’t have to limit yourself to only the characters of the movies, even though they are all here. Yes, All of them.

And the dinosaurs are fun to play with, you have everything from a T-Rex to a Triceratops, to … well, it can’t be Jurassic Park without the Velociraptor, now could it? Each character does play a little differently, and the same is true for the dinosaurs. You can switch to some of them anywhere in the game, but for the big boys, you’ll have to use the summoning panels, and they’ll appear as if by magic.

Are the dinosaurs fun to play? They would have to be, and that’s a major change here. There’s also a lot of abilities, every character has unique abilities, at least for the main characters, and each dinosaur also has a set of abilities too. Alan Grant can dig in the dirt, Ellie Sattler dives into dino poop to find out what’s wrong with dinosaurs, and Lex can hack computers.

The only thing is that some characters feel shoehorned in, such as Ian Malcolm. Great character, but he’s able to light up the dark because he once appeared with that flare, and he can do science puzzles. I get the flare, and I get the theory of the science puzzles, they just don’t appear at all, I think I saw two or three of them over all four movies, and each time it’s almost as if the game couldn’t come up with something unique for Ian Malcolm.

There are a LOT more abilities and I’ll leave a majority for you to find, but there’s nothing here that’s amazing or unique, many are just interactions that work because of movie scenes but don’t feel special.

The levels of the game are pulled straight from the movie and they work well. Each movie gets five different levels. The first for Jurassic Park, for instance, was where the dinosaur bites off the arm of a worker, without the gore as mentioned with a second part at the dig site for Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler.

Five levels per movie feel on the short side here, and there is a bonus level for each movie, but each bonus level is just a running level. The running levels, in general, aren’t the most interesting and I understand why they’re bonuses and not treated as a major part of the game when they can avoid it.

The way Lego Jurassic World helps out that short level count is with their massive open world. Each movie gets their map to explore which leads the players to the next level with a huge number of areas available to explore with additional content. Many of these are just collectibles, but at the same time the map leads the player through many locations, such as the initial view of the Dinosaurs which stops the cars and the group looks out at them.

These feel like an additional level, or two or maybe even three. There’s a wealth of content to the point that the open world will be a lot of your post-game exploration, rather than just replaying the levels. The initial twenty levels do have more parts to explore and bonus objects to find when replayed in Free Play mode. For those who haven’t played a Lego game Free Play is when any character can be used in any scene, rather than just the ones that appear in the story mode. However these are a fraction of the content this time around with an absolute wealth being on display for those who want to explore the full Open World, and that’s highly recommended.

Overall Lego Jurassic World is what you should expect from a Lego game. You have a great movie property, a fun story, simple but enjoyable gameplay and a lot of familiar sights. The dinosaurs are a fun addition here but they don’t fully change the game, but the experience is good, and the movie properties work extremely well for the conversion.

Lego Jurassic World gets a


This is a really solid gameI’m a fan. I was a boy in the 80s, it was required for me to be a fan of dinosaurs. This is what we did before computers, kids. I know too many dinosaur names, Apatosaurus, Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3, the Ankylosaurus. So yeah, of course, I’ll love this topic.

But Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 2 are amazing movies, and the fact is when you get a property that good, a team like this should know how to do it. It’d be like Lego Star Wars, or Lego Back to the Future. Jurassic Park is such an iconic movie series that this was an easy sell, but the fact is it’s a solid game that’s worth playing beyond just being based on an absolute classic movie. And if you haven’t seen Jurassic Park, honestly, go watch it, it’s still fantastic.

That’s Lego Jurassic World, and I’m glad to talk about something different. I might talk about another Lego game one day, I like the series, and I think they don’t get enough credit for what they do.

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