Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure Review – A fun but simple “sequel”

Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure is a followup to the point and click adventure game, Thimbleweed Park. It was created during the ongoing (as of the time of this writing) COVID-19 pandemic and released as a way to test Ron Gilbert’s new gameplay engine.

With that said, this should be treated more like a tech demo, rather than even a demo, as this is not intended to be an upcoming game. It’s just “a little more Thimbleweed Park.” for fans of that game and for what it is, it works.

Without going into rather large spoilers for Thimbleweed Park, this is more of an alternate universe than a direct sequel, however Delores is working for the paper for “reasons” and is instructed to take pictures for 5 different stories. This mostly involves Delores running around to see the small area of the town she’s able to visit and find something related to a story topic.

All the locations and art is reused from Thimbleweed Park, and the area that players can visit is only about three or four scenes, but there’s a lot of places and items that Delores can visit with items hidden and waiting for her to photograph them.

The game will end after the 5 photographs that are requested are taken, and the game can be restarted with 5 new headlines to cover. There’s 30 headlines in the game, though I only finished about 15 of them before I moved on. It’s a fun little concept but not something that players will spend too much time with.

There’s also no voice acting, as it’s a really minimal game but even then, the concept is good, and releasing it for free is the right thing to do. The engine feels like it could be something interesting so I hope one day to see a proper game with the new engine.

However Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure is a touch underwhelming. It’s not a bad game, but there’s limited need to play the new adventure, even if it is free. If you finish Thimbleweed Park and are just dying for a little more, pick this up but I think even huge fans of Thimbleweed Park will probably be done with this in under and hour.

As such I give this game an arbitrary


It’s a fun experiment, and I am glad Ron Gilbert released it, but I don’t really recommend this game for most people. It’s also a huge spoiler for Thimbleweed Park which deserves to be played instead of this.

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