Fate of Kai – A snack sized serving

Fate of Kai is a unique game. It starts with a beautiful and colorful comic book inside an old looking tome. Each scene is beautifully created and wonderfully illustrated.

From there the game follows the adventure of a young boy named Kai. On a journey one day he finds a chest and when he grabs the chest, it locks itself to his hand telling him to bring the chest to a castle.

From there Fate of Kai is mostly about figuring out how to past each chapter in the book, each detailing a different story on the journey, finally reaching the castle.

The art in the book is gorgeous and continues to impress. I fell in love with the Fate Of Kai quickly and that’s what drove me to keep playing the game and accomplish every challenge the game had for me.

Those challenges are mostly simple word puzzles. The game might show Kai thinking about something, and the word in the thought bubble will change his actions in the story. Standing by a mountain of stones, and a river, players might have the option to climb the stones or jump across the river, and the verb in Kai’s thoughts changes his decision.

This doesn’t sound like a major gameplay system, and it really isn’t. The art of Fate of Kai is what kept me entertained. The gameplay was relatively simple but enjoyable. There were only two or three puzzles that were particularly challenging and while they were interesting they also were quickly dealt with.

As amazing as Fate of Kai looks, that unique art style likely contributed to the biggest issue of Fate of Kai. Fate of Kai lasted me less than a full hour. I adored the journey, but I also struggle with the length.

While some games can take an hour to beat, you might have a reason to replay them, but for Fate of Kai, you’ll see close to 80 percent of the possible endings and scenes in your first playthrough. Almost every puzzle has to be solved correctly to reach the end and there doesn’t appear to be alternate solutions, so there’s no reason to replay the game, at least not until you’ve forgotten most of the journey.

That lack of replayability though really harms my opinion on the game. Yet I still enjoyed Fate of Kai to the point where I would recommend people check it out if they can. It’s currently in this month’s Humble Bundle and as a bonus game, it’s well worth playing.

On the other hand, the value is up to the reader to decide. It’s a quick but amazing experience, and for that, I still will recommend Fate of Kai, though cautiously.

I give Fate of a Kai an arbitrary


I’ll be keeping an eye on this studio because I can only more amazing games from these developers.

If you want to see an earlier look at this topic or the other humble bundle games that are available this month, you can check it out here.

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